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Thanks for sharing.

I approached a shamanic traveling workshop some years ago, also based on music (drumming), breathing with eyes closed, http://stuartdole.com/

I'm a physicist and went there with curiosity but a skeptic approach.

The first obstacle for me to overcome was the theoretical framework, strongly based on shamanism, as "interpreted" in the western culture.

The second problem for me was thinking that what was I was imagining was just imagination. But I forced myself to go on and believing that my mental imageries were meaning something.

There were 3 sessions, done in couple: one person traveling, the second sitting, or waiting for a "search" performed by the traveler. Then a role exchange.

I have to say that the outcome was really unique, with a lot of synchronicities between me and the other person(s) (completely unknown to me before that day) and details gathered during the travel which I would not believe if somebody had reported me that.

Yes, there are possibilities within us we still have to explore and integrate in our western worldview.

If they are dry-cut measurables or just contributions to our humanity it remains to be seen

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Fantastic, Peter--thank you for writing such a suscint piece about the experience. I think this article would be very useful to those curious about holotropic breathwork, bringing a taste of all essential aspects of it into one piece. Happily there is so much more to explore and journey through. Excellent. I will share this far and wide!

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Thanks so much Peter for sharing your experience and for the overview. Such a great summary and why philosophy matters too!

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