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There is another concept that I'd like to mention. The idea is that whether or not one believes in G-d, if G-d exists, G-d believes in US. If one conforms to what G-d wants, whether or not it is out of belief, G-d still rewards that person. Having said this, I'll take a good atheist over a religious zealot any day of the week. And, then the question of what G-d wants is next (presuming G-d exists). I got into an argument with a Trumpie when I said that people who voted for Trump belong in Hell. The man said I had no right to "speak for G-d." I wasn't doing that. It was MY opinion. I personally do not believe anybody can speak for G-d although some spiritual leaders can offer us great insights into what G-d would probably want. I don't believe in proselytizing. To me that is a violation of the human soul.

OK, now onto the White Queen and Butkis--yow! That man had the most appropriate last name! Ugh. Reminds me of Trump.

My own choice is to believe in G-d in a spiritual, non ritualistic way. I seek what I consider to be goodness in people regardless of their cosmologies--or lack thereof.

I hope all of this makes sense.

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